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Going Places

Only the trails can take you


Welcome to Take to the Trail

Welcome to Take to the Trail, a place where like minds come to learn, grow, and explore before they hit the trail. A great place to start if you are just beginning your journey and an awesome place if you are a seasoned vet that hasn’t been on the trail in a while.

Cataract Falls: Is It Worth It To Come And Visit This Place?

Located deep in the Lieber State Recreation Area, Cataract Falls beckons a bevy of hikers and sightseers every year.It’s one of Indiana’s most beautiful sights, but also one of its lesser known.For those who are curious about visiting the majestic waterfall, but...

Franklin Falls – How Difficult It Is To Be In This Place?

Hiking to a waterfall can be an incomparable experience that affects us for the rest of our life.However, many people struggle with overcoming the initial fear surrounding these kinds of hikes. This fear can be debilitating and can prevent hikers from witnessing the...

Rubicon Trail: Things You Should Consider While Hiking

Rubicon Trail refers to two trails that exist within the Sierra Nevada in California. On the one hand, the Rubicon Trail is a famous route for 4x4 vehicles that is 22 miles long. This is such a famous 4x4 route that Jeep has even named some of its cars after it. On...

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