How Steep is Breakneck Ridge And Tips On Visiting

Breakneck Ridge

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The northeast is a fascinating region of the United States due its diversity of attractions.

Not only are there many developed cities that travelers can explore, but there are many outdoor activities due to the beautiful scenery.

Breakneck Ridge is one such location that is valued for the outdoor activities it enables.

It specifically lies along the Hudson River in New York, about an hour and half outside of New York City. It is located in Hudson Highlands State Park. This is a mountain that offers many things for visitors to do, making it a popular destination during the summer months.

In this article, we discuss some popular questions related to Breakneck Ridge, emphasizing the features of this mountain throughout.

Toward the end of the article, we offer our final thoughts on the future of Breakneck Ridge.


As the name indicates, Breakneck Ridge is not for the faint of heart.

In order to reach one of the summits of Breakneck Ridge, visitors must first traverse Breakneck Ridge Loop. This loop is 4 miles of trails that ascends and descends the mountain, requiring hikers to climb over many steep rocks and cliffs.

The first hour of the hike is considered the hardest part.

Many rocks are so steep that dogs are unable to climb them, requiring hikers to pick up their pet and carry them.

The tallest summit on the mountain is about 1260 feet above sea level. This means that hikers will ascend about 1000 feet over the course of 2 miles. Many of the rocks that hikers have to scramble over are almost perfectly perpendicular to the ground, requiring some basic climbing skills.

Many people categorize this loop as more of a rock scramble than a hike.

Breakneck Ridge is so steep that children, older adults, and anyone out of shape are not recommended to attempt the hike.

As you progress on Breakneck Ridge Loop, there are options to alter your route if you are exhausted and want an easier descent. The steepness of the rocks can be tiring for many hikers, even if you are in great shape.


The steepness of the rocks is the not only danger present at Breakneck Ridge.

If the area has recently rained, these rocks can be extremely slippery. Injuries could result if you are not careful. Most experts recommend avoiding this hike if the terrain is wet in any way.

Yet, this might be difficult to predict. Some hikers are stubborn and push forward with their plans to hike even after uncovering dangerous conditions.

Ultimately, this is an irrational decision.

Just because you made the drive to Breakneck Ridge doesn’t mean you have to reach the summit of the mountain.

However, the allure of the stunning panoramic views convinces many hikers to ignore logic.

This could lead to a disastrous situation.

Additionally, many of the rocks don’t have places to put your hands or feet. This makes climbing even more precarious. Many hikers recommend wearing gloves and shoes with special traction in order to avoid slipping.

Lastly, some hikers think that Breakneck Ridge is even more dangerous during the peak summer months due to so many hikers. The larger crowds might make some hikers more careless, rushing their ascent.

Ideally, Breakneck Ridge Loop should be traversed at your own pace, especially if you don’t have much experience with rock scrambling.


Despite these dangers, Breakneck Ridge is a very popular location when the weather is amenable to climbing and hiking.

Even though Breakneck Ridge Loop is only 4 miles long, it takes most hikers at least 3-4 hour to complete. This can actually be seen as a benefit, as this longer time allows hikers to truly appreciate the environment they’re in.

Many hikes offer stunning views but are over in a matter of minutes, requiring barely any effort in order to access their main attractions.

This is not the case with Breakneck Ridge – yet it’s precisely this time investment that makes the summit so rewarding when you do reach it.


Tons of local fauna and flora are on display during the spring and summer time, making this area the site of much diversity. This should appeal to anyone interested in the beauty of nature, as this will be very easy to acknowledge when hiking this area.

Hawks are a common sighting as are eastern fence lizards and bald eagles. The slopes of the mountain are full of oak hickory and chestnut oak forests.

This mountain is also very accessible to people living in New York.

There is even a stop on the Metro-North Railroad that leads travelers to the base of the mountain, making it perfect for people who want to save gas.


More than anything, people are attracted to Breakneck Ridge to witness its stunning views of the Hudson river and surrounding area. This would be a great backdrop for any photograph opportunity.

Many artists frequent the area as a source of inspiration. The challenging nature of the loop trail can put them out of their head and force them to fully occupy the present moment, leading to deeper, more creative ideas.


Many people, not only artists, struggle with feeling trapped in their head. Breakneck Ridge offers a remedy for these people by forcing them to concentrate on each step and movement.

After finishing the hike, many people revisit some of their previous problems only to find them laughable and absurd.

Truly, sometimes all we need is to focus on a difficult task to get perspective on our life.


The main drawback of Breakneck ridge is that it might scare some potential visitors away.

Analyzing the area in abstraction can make it seem more daunting than it actually is. While you should obviously be cautious when traversing the loop trail, ultimately this hike is doable as long as you are in decent shape.

Yet, many people in decent shape allow their fear to govern their decisions.

These people end up missing out on the magic of Breakneck Ridge simply because of its reputation.

Alternatively, some people go in the opposite direction and are motivated by the reputation of this peak. The steep nature of the cliffs can actually cause some hikers to be more reckless than usual. Some people are uncomfortable expressing their fear and thus try to repress it.

Yet, fear can be constructive sometimes if it prevents us from engaging in actions that could lead to injury. In this sense, some hikers might push their limits too far and incur an injury.


We recommend minimizing your ego if you decide to visit Breakneck Ridge.

There’s no point in trying to show off your bravery or climbing skills if it leads to injury.

If you find yourself progressing at an uncomfortably fast or reckless pace, then we recommend taking a brief break to reevaluate your approach.

Sometimes we can get worked up from exercising intensely, preventing us from deeply thinking through each decision.

When it comes to Breakneck Ridge, slow and steady truly wins the race.

In the same vein, some hikers should focus on strengthening their ego if they are a hiking with a group. Some hikers feel uncomfortable or unsafe but avoid speaking up because they don’t want to seem like a wimp. In these cases, we recommend being confident and requesting guidance should you need it.

Lastly, we recommend packing extra food and water, as this hike is very exhausting. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout, especially during the summer months.

Dried fruit and nuts are a great snack to bring, as these foods are dense, filling, delicious, and very portable.

Many hikers use a hydration pack with a water reservoir and nozzle. These technologies can be extremely effective for carrying large amounts of water and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, like REI.


Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River between Cold Spring, New York, and Beacon. It features very distinctive rocky cliffs that are visible for a very long distance when approached from the south.

It has several ridges and summits, the highest of which are approximately 1,260 feet above sea level. The southern face of the peak is absolutely remarkable as it features striking cliffs as a result of quarrying over recent years.

There are a wide number of trails at Breakneck Ridge and some are marked and some are unmarked. Most of the hikes there are considered to be strenuous.

It offers amazing views of the river and the region is very popular with hikers.

Up to the 20th century, the mountain was also known as St. Anthony’s Face or Turk’s Face. This came about due to a face-like stone formation on the south side which was later destroyed by quarrymen.


Overall, we think Breakneck Ridge has many attractive features that will appear to lovers of nature.

As long as visitors are cautious and well-prepared for the Breakneck Ridge Loop trail, their experience should be enjoyable and free from danger or injury.

We think Breakneck Ridge will continue to be a popular destination in the future since it lies so close to New York City. Many people living in the city occasionally want to escape the mundanities of their daily existence and return to the rawness of nature.

Breakneck Ridge offers this possibility while only being a short car ride away.

We love the fact that Breakneck Ridge is serviced by public transportation. This makes it accessible for many people that live in New York State but don’t have a car.

At the end of the day, if you decide to undertake this challenging hike, you will be rewarded externally with stunning views as well as internally by a profound sense of accomplishment.

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