About Us

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I’m the founder here at Take To The Trail

The trail is a magical place where feet meet pedal and rubber meets dirt if your’e using a bike. If not, rocks and sticks crunch under your the pressure of your shoes, your legs burn from the rigorous incline and, your body soars with the slopes as you seek new adventure.

Want this type of adventure? Well, you’ve just found a way to make this possible. Welcome to Take to the Trail, a place where like minds come to learn, grow, and explore before they hit the trail. A great place to start if you are just beginning your journey and an awesome place if you are a seasoned vet that hasn’t been on the trail in a while.

Keep yourself up to date with all things trail oriented. You will find anything from gear you need to the best bikes or hiking equipment that will give you the best adventure yet.

Not only do you need your gear and bikes, but you also need safety items too. Like an insurance policy, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we have you covered for safety items, we also have you covered with locations of the best bike shops, the best events, and even places to maintain your bike.

Grab your bike or hiking boots and let’s Take to the Trail!