A Guide to Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant mountain bikes

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Are you thinking of buying a Giant mountain bike but don’t quite know where to begin?

When it comes to selecting a bike, you must first consider what things you want the bike to have. Draft up a list of your requirements before making a decision. If you choose the wrong bike, you’re probably going to be stuck with it for a while before you can buy another one. Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase the right bike from the get go.

Among various bicycle brands and models, Giant mountain bikes stand out because the company is the largest bike manufacturer in the world. The company has an estimated annual revenue of USD 1.8 billion and a production output of 6.6 million bicycles per year. With manufacturing plants spread across the world in countries such as China, Taiwan, and the Netherlands, it’s not difficult to see how the company came to become such a force to reckon with.

Because of their popularity, we are going to look at what exactly distinguishes Giant bikes. Let’s begin with an overview of the bike models.


Overview of Giant Mountain Bikes 

Trek bikes, Phantom bikes, and Giant bikes are the three most popular bike brands in the cycling world. Giant produces a wide variety of bikes for different purposes. Therefore, before buying a bike, it’s important to first know exactly what type of bike it is and what it can be best used for.

Before moving further, you need to ask yourself if you want a full suspension, hardtail, or electric assist bike. Once you know the option you want, it’ll become easier to begin your search then. Again, there are three types including downhill, trail, and cross-country.


Giant Hardtail Bikes

Giant has several bike ranges on offer for the 2018 year, but the prominent four are the Giant Talon, XTC, Fathom, and ATX. Each bike is best suited to a particular type of rider as explained below.


  • Best bike for entry-level riders

ATX is the perfect bike model for all entry-level bikers. It is best for those looking to engage in a cross-country ride.


  • Best bike for mid-level riders

If you are looking for something perfect for mid-level riders then look no further than the Giant Talon. The build is stable and the geometry results in better stand over. 27.5 inch and 29-inch wheels are available with this model.


  • Other models

If you are looking for mountain bikes for sale featuring better suspension, then do have a look at the Giant Fathom. This hardtail model features fancy Aluxx SL aluminum frame. The price is a bit higher but is justified by the specs. You need to spend at least GBP 899 to purchase one of these superior models.

If none of these models above impresses you, then let’s bring in the Giant XTC Advanced which features carbon fiber frame. This cross-country 29er will cost you a pretty penny and costs GBP 2,499 (starting price).


Giant Suspension Bikes 

Stance, Trance, Anthem, Glory, and Reign are the five full suspension bikes from Giant. The company terms their suspension bikes, Maestro.


  • Giant Stance Specs

The Giant Stance is best for entry-level riders looking for a suspension bike. Featuring 120mm travel and a dropper seatpost, the model is highly reasonable at a modest price.


  • Giant Reign Specs

The 160mm travel Giant Reign comes in aluminum as well as carbon fiber frames. The price varies depending on the frames. Prices could go from $3,500 to $8,000.


  • Giant Anthem Specs

One of the best cross-country race bikes from Giant is the Giant Anthem. The 110mm travel, 27.5-inch wheel and 130mm fork up front, makes this 29er a promising bike. The price depends on the frame types, with starting prices of $2,500.


  • Giant Glory Specs

The 200mm travel, Giant Glory is a good option if you are looking for a thrilling downhill bike. The price starts from $5,300.


Giant bikes for all

Giant offers a variety of bikes including bikes specially made for women. These women’s bikes are comfortable, sturdy, and come in a range of colors to suit your taste. You can find bikes for women from various brands but Trek and Giant are best in this regard. If you have the opportunity, visit your local bike shop to see these bikes in person before you make your final decision.

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