Timber Bell Review: Stay Safe on the Trails with a Bike Bell

Timber bell

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If you’re wondering why a Timber Bell for your bike is necessary, consider this: You’re speeding down the trails on your bike. Suddenly, there’s another bike right in the middle of the path. You have no time or way to warn them you’re coming. With a timber bell, this scenario won’t be an issue. Installing a Timber bell on your mountain bike provides you with safety and peace of mind.  Installed on your handlebar, the bell sounds as you ride. The more you move your handlebars, the more noise it makes, helping to warn walkers and riders around you of your approach. These innovative bells make a great addition to any mountain biker’s frame. Plus, they’re easy to install without being obstructive to your hands.

Why do you need a mountain bike bell?

A mountain bike bell offers a multitude of benefits for any trail-riding mountain biker. Some of these include:

  • Safer Riding: A mountain bike bell is your chance to warn riders around you that you are approaching. This prevents collisions, which can happen on narrow trails. They are especially appropriate for trails with bridges and jumps that only accommodate one rider at a time.
  • Versatile Installation & Use: Mountain bike bells are great because they can be installed either on the front or back of your mountain bike.  This can be useful if you already have accessories mounted on your handlebars, like a GPS module.
  • Inexpensive: The best benefit of mountain bike bells is they are relatively inexpensive. While it improves the safety of your mountain bike, it won’t break the bank.

What are the best bicycle bells?

When it comes to bike bells, you have plenty of options to choose from. With that being said, you should consider your specific uses. The tone, for example, is important to consider. You don’t want something on your bike that is too low to hear when riding. Adversely, you do not want an ear-splitting jingle coming from your handlebars all the time.

Another factor to consider is the size of your bicycle bell. This is particularly important for cyclists who have other accessories on the handlebars. A bike computer, a phone mount, or a GPS unit can all be obstructed by the installation of a bicycle bell. We recommend looking at the specs on your new bell so you get something that fits perfectly.

Extra features can also be a selling point when choosing the best bicycle bell. A great example of an extra feature that can be found on a bell is the ORP Bike Horn. While it is not actually a bell, it is a bike horn that can alert riders that you’re coming. Of importance with this particular bell is that it comes with a small light. This can be a great tool to have for any mountain biker.

Regardless of what style bell you choose, it’s important to have one. Not only will it keep you safe while you ride, but it will also help keep fellow riders and trail walkers aware of your presence.

A Review of the Timber Mountain Bike Bell

Of all the mountain bike bells, our pick is the Timber mountain bike bell. The Timber bell was designed for mountain bikers by mountain bikers. It has many features that reemphasize that point. First, unlike other bells, the Timber bell is constantly making noise without you having to operate it. Instead, the bell hangs on your handlebar and jingles as you ride. Think of a cowbell, and miniaturize it, and you have the exact build of a Timber Bell.

Another special feature the bell has is it can lock so you do not have to constantly hear the bell as you ride. With an adjustment lever, you can turn the bell on, off, or lower the level of sound. This provides you with flexible options as you ride.

The size of the Timber mountain bike bell also makes it a popular choice among riders. It can mount on your handlebars without disturbing your hands or any other mounts. The Timber bell is very user-friendly and can be installed easily. Be sure to consider placement however; you don’t want the bell to interfere with your brakes or any cables on the handlebars.

As mountain bike bells grow in popularity, it’s good to move with the times. More bikers are using them to stay safe on the trails while also respecting fellow cyclists. Get a bell today and join your local mountain bikers on the trails.

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