Trek Fuel EX Mountain Bikes

Trek Fuel ex mountain bike

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Are you keen to learn more about the very popular Trek line of mountain bikes?

In the world of cycling, the name Trek is synonymous with quality, excellence, and great mountain bike build. The company has generated an impressive USD 1 billion revenue in the last decade and is a leading brand in the world of mountain bikes owing to its use of the latest technology. The fact that Trek mountain bikes have been used in some of the greatest cycling events such as the Tour de France by cyclers such as Lance Armstrong is proof that world class athletes believe in the superior quality of these bicycles.

If you are looking for a reliable mountain bike carrying extraordinary features and style, there is no better bike than the Trek Fuel EX.

Consistent upgrades, mind-blowing innovative advancements, high-class style, and versatility are the marks of Trek mountain bikes. So just what is it that makes these Trek fuel EX bikes so popular? Let’s take a look below.


1. Trek Fuel EX 8 

With a starting price of USD 3000, the Trek Fuel EX 8 promises a high performance level. Unlike its predecessors this Trek model doesn’t feature carbon fiber because the company decided to beautify its muscular looks by using Alpha Platinum Aluminum.

If you love trail bikes then you must consider the Fuel EX as this line features efficient suspension platform and the EX 8 is one of the best in this regard as you can bike for hours without feeling tired. The lightweight material makes it easy to ascend and descend hilly tracks and navigate steep inclines. The DRCV technology helps EX 8 bikes to beat anything that challenges the suspension. The main chamber of the frame is smaller in size and it ensures efficient suspension when climbing or pedaling at a lower speed. The bigger chamber plays its role when it becomes necessary for example when the bike is going at a high speed and when the bike encounters bigger bumps.

The DRCV technology helps the forks and enhances the performance level to a greater extent. When the bike hits hard bumps, the DRCV technology absorbs the shocks and enables the forks to stop the effect of traveling upward and making the rider uncomfortable.

The inner tubes are thinner than expected and because of this, the number of rear wheel pinch flats is higher. The brakes are impressive though. You can reach top speed right in a matter of minutes and stop the bike almost immediately because bedding time isn’t extended like in other bike models. The EX 8 will not disappoint you if you are looking to buy a single bike that can accommodate different riding styles.


2. Trek Fuel EX 7

Bike reviewers at chose this model as their Bike of the Year 2017 because it surpassed and beat other tested models. The Trek Fuel EX 7, at a price of around USD 3000 has already stamped its authority on the world of trail bikes as a bike par excellence. Even the Kona Hei Hei and Camber Comp fail to compete against this model. Experts who reviewed the performance of the Fuel EX 7 against other models agreed that the Ex 7’s performance even surpasses that of the reputable Norco Optic.

Like the Fuel EX 8, the EX 7 also features 130mm Alpha aluminum frame. The ABP suspension takes the ride to a new level, never experienced before. The 148x12mm dropouts, tyre clearance and width, and variation in wheel size according to the design combine to make the EX 7 a class act. Trek uses Mino link geometry chip to determine the wheel size. The design is more elegant as Trek introduces new geometry marks.

The 125mm KS eThirty Integra helps the brake system and the effect is even better than the brakes of the EX 8. Fork balance is impressive due to RockShox Revelation. The EX 7 is the ideal choice for first time bikers who have never bought a mountain bike before. The control is easy, the ride is comfortable, and offers unimaginable joy throughout the ride.



There is a reason Trek bicycles are the dominant bike of choice with a 22.5% market share. They are the most bought bicycles in the country because their build and ease of use is at a higher level. Whether it is the Trek Fuel EX 9, EX 8 or EX 7, Fuel EX bikes ensure comfort, efficiency, and top class performance. The EX 7 stands out in particular because of its upgrades and for the fact that it is also perfect for first time riders. You can never go wrong with a Trek bicycle.

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