5 Transition Patrol Features That Make This Bike a Winner

Transition Patrol

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Are you considering purchasing the Transition Patrol and need more information about the bike?

If you want an unruffled, high traction mountain bike, then Transition bikes’ latest Transition Patrol long-travel trail bike is just the thing you’re looking for. This carbon bike comes with a naturally friendly ride personality and is a spectacular model for enjoying downhill escapades.

It comes with a complete carbon frame apart from the one-piece rocker link and is one of the lightest mountain bikes on the market.

Don’t be dissuaded by its simple looks, however. The Transition Patrol Carbon has a simple and a sleek frame design which makes cleaning it easier. The internal routing ensures the cables move via the down tube, looping beneath the under bracket and along the stays boundaries. This provides for easy cable changing.

Some of the Transition Patrol’s remarkable features that make this bike a winner are as follows:


1. Suspension

A few years ago, Transition decided to transform its trail bike designs to genuine four bar designs instead of the previously used single pivots. Removing pivots from the seat stays to the chain stays, this development was branded as the GiddyUp Link by Transition.

The Patrol carbon also employed the new Metric size RockShox Super Deluxe shock. The longer Metric sizing enables more space within the shock for extra bushing overlap, enhancing reliability while lowering friction.

Any former Transition rider will easily grasp the ride feel of the GiddyUp Link with its improved suspension performance. The latest models are superb when riding up an incline. The GiddyUp link does not need rear shock platforms or increased compression damping. Yes, GiddyUp and ride away!


2. Traction Control

The Transition Patrol has amazing traction control with perfect hubs reliability no matter how tricky the trail terrain. The pedal input or braking doesn’t noticeably affect the surface adhesion produced by the suspension. This means that the bike’s tires are safely connected to the ground. The Transition Patrol is capable of maintaining its calm and control in adverse situations where other comparable bikes might have you panicking.

Traction control is a very important feature particularly if you are going to be riding on difficult wet surfaces or rough stony surfaces. You want to know your bike has a good command of the situation if you ever have to break suddenly.


3. Components

Transition has installed a 34t-chain ring for a higher gear to increase speed capacity by employing the 10-50t Eagle cassette’s wider range. This top speed is controlled by SRAM’s perfect Guide Ultimate brakes. Modulation is well-maintained and the pads are kept cool by a heat sink in the caliper. You’ll be able to go down any descent without worrying about your brakes fading.


4. Performance

The Transition Patrol Carbon is a relatively silent bike. It’s fun to ride but you may find it astonishing that you can only deduce how fast you’re riding when you have to slow down.

Proper damping in the carbon frame coupled with enhanced vertical compliance within its Carbon bravo rims contributes to the Patrol’s being stealthily quiet. Another reason for the bike being comparatively noise-free is the configuration of the drive side chain stay.

The sizing and geometry are well-co-ordinated making the bike easy to ride and the Patrol Carbon is one of the top ranking all-mountain and enduro bikes available.


5. Neat Appearance

The Patrol is adorned with the well-known super-clean Transition template. The large double-curved down tube has space inside the frame for a water bottle and a piggyback shock with ample stand over room provided by the steeply sloped top tube.

Additional features consist of a conventional threaded BB, ISCG-05 tabs, internal dropper post routing, direct-mount front derailleur stub, and a 142 x 12 mm screw-through axle.

The slippery ANVL saddle and thin grips are not very alluring but can easily be customized if you so desire.


Transition Patrol – A Bike Unlike Any Other

After reading any Transition Patrol review, it can be observed that the bike is a complete package apart from the ANVL contact points. No matter how tiresome or enjoyable the trail, you’ll find that the transition patrol carbon is simple to set up, fun to ride, and is as silent as bikes come. It may not be as dashing as the Santa Cruz, but with its extra suspension muscle and ample size, it’s the ideal choice for rough or taller riders. It’s well matched with its competitors like the Trek Remedy 9.9 and the Giant Reign. Put another way, the Transition Patrol, is a bike unlike any other.

Image Source: Wrench Science/Flickr

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