6 Best Bikes for Downhill Mountain Biking

downhill mountain biking

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There’s no doubt about it – downhill mountain bikes make no sense.

They take up space in your garage, they can’t go uphill, and when you want to ride them, you have to push them to the top of a hill. This may seem like a lot of work for a 30-second thrill.

But perhaps that’s what is so appealing about them. This, exclusivity coupled with the fact that professional racers ride them, makes them so desirable by many.

Today, modern enduro bikes come in designs inspired by these downhill bikes. With their hyped features like the ability to pedal backward, they are trying to give the classic downhill mountain bike a run for its money. However, they can never compare to the sheer speed and toughness of these downhill beasts.

Unlike a typical enduro mountain bike, downhill bikes are built with stronger and heavier frames, and a rear and front suspension of 7 inches. This allows you to glide seamlessly over tough terrain. They also come with big, thick tires and a hydraulic disc braking system.

All these heavy features may seem like drawbacks to the smoothness of your ride, but they’ll keep you safe along the tough terrain.

Selecting the best downhill mountain bike for you can be a daunting endeavor. The sheer variety and baffling array of terminology and technology surrounding them can be quite staggering.

Here are the best 2017 downhill bikes for extreme mountain biking:


Best Downhill Mountain Bikes


1. Giant Glory Advanced 1

If you want a bike for the annual downhill races and value sturdiness over efficient racing apparatus, then the Glory Advanced 1 is your go-to model. This bike is lighter than the typical downhill bike all thanks to its fiber composite frame.

It doesn’t have enough baubles and frills. However, the little available is enough to take on a week’s worth of instant braking.


2. Radon Swoop 200

From its impressive sizing to its imposing balance, the Swoop 200 is a composed ride.

It’s also lightweight, a quality not common in a typical downhill bike. The Swoop also has a full Fox suspension and top-of-the-line components. Even though it may be considered to be one of the costly bikes on the list, it is capable to take all the abuse you throw its way all year long.


3. Specialized S-Works Demo 8

Despite being considered as one of the best mountain bikes in the market, the Demo 8 seems to have come from the future. Its sci-fi designers and engineers dedicated a whole year to this magnificent creation and it definitely paid off as the bike has been used for a number of world cup podiums.

Apart from its cutting edge beauty, this is the only downhill bike that is equipped with the Ohlins TTX.

And if there are any drawbacks, it probably would be its small size. But if you take it to the steepest terrain, you can be sure it’ll never let you down.


4. Scott Gambler 710

Immediately after it was released, the Gambler 710 caught the eyes of bike enthusiasts. Its geometry is faultless and stands as one of the lightest aluminum mountain bikes in the industry.

For a budget-friendly bike, it’s well-equipped with a Fox 40 suspension and full Saint drivetrain. The backend, however, has an off-putting knocking noise, but this can be solved by running the lowest geometry setting.

Even with its little faults, it is still fun to ride the Gambler.


5. GT Fury

Stiffness and balance are sought-after features in modern downhill bikes, and the new GT Fury does not disappoint when it comes to those two features. This thoroughbred mountain bike is designed for toughest tracks you can find.

Away from its tremendous stability, the Fury has a chunky industrial look and some overkill welds that might not be so attractive to so riders. But if you prefer performance over beauty queens, this is a great bike.


6. Orange 324

Modern geometry, single pivot, fully aluminum, perfect suspension – is there anything like the Orange 324?

The bike’s sturdiness and balance of flex enable it to easy conquer even the roughest trail. And when you are up in the air, you can be certainly assured of a safe and cushioned land, all thanks to its great suspension.

It may be rough on the edges, but superb at heart. If you like showing off your biking skills while going downhill, Orange 324 is your bike.


You Can’t Go Wrong With These Mountain Bikes


Downhill biking is one of those extreme mountain biking sports where being confident in your gear is of great importance. After all, riding on rough terrain, avoiding big rocks, and jumping over cliffs require a great deal of courage and endurance both from you and your mountain bike.

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