10 Best Bicycle Trails Near Me

bicycle trails near me

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Some U.S. states are famous for their scenic coastal and mountain views, while others take pride in their widen-open spaces and natural parks.

But whatever the special features of a state, there is no better way exploring them than on a bike. 

From technical mountain tracks to scenic byways to gravel rail-trails, there are so many different types of bike trails to indulge in. Most of the routes are point-to-point and car-free.

Here are some of the top bicycle trails you could find in your state.

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Top Paved Bicycle Trails Near Me

1. Colorado Trail, Colorado

This trail offers over 450 miles of backcountry riding that will take you away from Denver’s hustle and bustle to Durango’s peace and tranquility. This trail is not only physically challenging, but also tough on your bicycle gear.

So make sure you get a good bike and have good legs before you embark on your biking adventure. It’s also advisable to carry a map of the trail.

2. George Mickelson Trail, South Dakota

This 109-mile bike trail runs across the beautiful Black Hills. There are a lot of places to visit along the way including Deadwood, Hill City, and Mt. Rushmore National Memorial.

Apart from the Rattlers during the dry season, this all-year bike trail is something you should definitely try out if you live in South Dakota.

3. Arizona Trail, Arizona

This 800 continuous miles of bike trail runs from the northern Arizona border all the way to the Mexico border. If you are looking for the ultimate bike trail challenge, this is your go-to Arizona route.

4. Arkansas River Trail, Arkansas

The Arkansas River Trail connects two awesome destinations – the Pinnacle Mountain State Park and the Little Rock town. To make things even more interesting, this 11.5-mile paved trail will soon be extended to 20 miles and will go through the Arkansas River.

5. Southern Delaware Heritage Trail (SDHT), Delaware

This 130-mile trail runs on local roadways and connects the towns and cities of Sussex County. This means that you will be biking alongside traffic.

The SDHT is for adventurous bikers – there are so many things to do and see along the way. If you are in Delaware, spare a weekend and head over to the SDHT.

6. Coeur d’Alene Trail, Idaho

Anyone with a helmet and hankering wanderlust can take on this paved 72-mile trail. Perhaps one of the easiest trails in the list, this route has a total of 20 trailheads and combines everything a city biker would love to see – from forested mountains to expansive mining valleys.

There are a number of bike shops on the way, but it’s always recommended to carry a bike repair kit before you leave your home.

7. Paseo Bosque Trail, New Mexico

With its enormous cottonwood trees, large lizards, red rocks, and coyote willows, this 16-mile bike trail is hauntingly beautiful. It runs along the Rio Grande and connects with several other multi-use trails.

You can visit the Albuquerque Park and Zoo, Conservation Center, and Rio Grande Botanical Garden, and see the different wildlife species that New Mexico has to offer.

8. Island Line Trail, Vermont

This is the closest thing to riding on water.

With this 14-mile rail trail, you will be able to cruise on a narrow gravel path with Lake Champlain on either side. The scenic view of the crystal clear water, blue sky, Adirondacks and Green Mountains is just breathtaking.

This is a pure Vermont experience that you should definitely try out.

9. American River Trail, California

This tranquil 32-mile bike trail runs from Old Sacramento to a lake in Folsom city.  With the great American River right at your side, you will pedal much of the trail under a canopy of trees, past lush vegetation and exotic wildlife, and over historical bridges.

In addition, the smooth paved path is just spellbinding.

10. Banks Vernonia Trail, Oregon

The smooth and well-paved Banks Vernonia Trails is the first rail-to-trail in Oregon and follows a 20-mile route. The trail is full of wooden rail trestles and historic bridges.

You can also visit the Stewart State Park and connect with nature or pitch a tent at one of the campsites along the trail and stargaze all night long. There are also a number of restaurants and bike shops along the trails.

You are not a true Oregonian until you’ve used the great Banks Vernonia Trail!

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Finest Bike Parks Near Me

Embarking on a road trip isn’t the only way to experience the diverse beauty that our great country has to offer. Whether you are seeking an adrenaline-pumping bike ride or just a leisure spin, these bike trails will offer some serious jaw-dropping views. Just select the one closest to your home.

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