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shimano Di2

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Are you keen to learn more about the Shimano Di2? Then you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to an automatic shift bike, the Shimano XTR automatically comes to mind. This bike boasts efficient shifting and high-level performance. It’s also one of the bikes with a good reputation for being a consistent model that features compatibility with modern gear. These characteristics and others that will be discussed further below make the Shimano DI2 and Shimano xtr di2 some of the most suitable choices for bikers.

Let’s go through some of these bike specifications and components in order to understand what it means to own auto shifting bikes.


Features of the Shimano XTR DI2 

The salient features of the xtr di2 include an 11-speed electronic drivetrain, battery charge (enough for six months), gear kit containing rear and front derailleur, battery module and charger, fire bolt shifters, E-tube wiring kit, and handlebar-mounted display.

The electronic shifting wasn’t a new thing for road bikes but a large majority of bikers eagerly waited for updates on the mountain bikes. Shimano didn’t disappoint and also didn’t keeping these bikers waiting for long. When the xtr di2 was released, it became an instant hit.

The steel cables are no more a part of the bike as the electronic signals have replaced them. You can still opt for chain sets if you want to use them on the Shimano XTR Di2. The Synchro Shift allows you to use multiple chain rings without having to deal with cluttered shifters. The auto shift bikes have the luxury of being able to auto-select the gear without worrying about the current position of the chain.


Easy Installation 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys seeing how the bike’s components are put together, then you’ll enjoy the installation phase. However, if you prefer to have everything assembled for you, be sure to ask before you leave the store where you’ve bought the bike from.

The installation of di2 components itself is not complex at all. The only issues you may have at the start are those regarding the junction box and the E-Tube wires. There is a simple trick that many don’t know and that’s to simply use the steerer tube to hide the battery if you don’t like it visible outside on the frame.

After installing the components, connect the system to the computer and get ready for the basic set-up. Here, you can configure the shifting of the gears. You can also assign shift type to specific switches. The gearing map helps you to dictate the derailleur shift points, giving you a smoother ride.

The display features a small button which allows you to shift between the maps even when you are riding the bike. To achieve a perfectly customized configuration, you’ll have to try at least twice or thrice to determine which one works best for you. It is all about trying and testing the ride. There is no one size fits all here.



There is no doubt that the Shimano xtr di2 is a star performer. The gear shifting is top class and smooth. It’s so efficient that it feels like a bluff when you’re reading about it, but once you have experienced it for yourself, you’ll know that all you read was true. The battery life is another plus in the case of the Shimano XTR. Even if you ride multiple times during a week, you will probably only have to charge the battery after months. This makes for an energy efficient bike that offers real value for money. The ride is also comfortable and you’ll quickly get used to handling all the gears and functions.


Should You Buy the Shimano XTR Di2?

This depends heavily on several factors. You have to consider what it is exactly you’re looking for in a bike, and also, how many times a week you intend to ride the bike. You also have to factor in the cost of the bike before buying it.

Among the drawbacks you should consider before purchasing is the fact that the system doesn’t support Mac Operating system. The company has settled this issue by releasing the XT version which supports easy programming via smartphones and iPads. Considering the performance, comfort, and efficiency of the ride, the XTR DI2 is one of the best auto shifting bikes around today, and it will not disappoint you if you buy one.

For us, this bike is a keeper. When you consider all the specs, the advantages and disadvantages together, you’ll see that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Image Source: Glory Cycles/Flickr

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