Fall in Love with These 6 Examples of Best Mountain Bikes

best mountain bikes

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Are you searching the market for a new bike and don’t quite know which one to choose?

For many people, the predominant factor when considering the best mountain bikes to look for is affordability. Looking at the price tags may dishearten you when you’re on the hunt for a new bike. Even if you have a lot of money, you don’t have to spend extravagant amounts to find the best fit for you. The most important thing to keep in mind when bike hunting is to buy a bike that suits your lifestyle.


The Convenience of Mountain Bikes

You must realize that mountain bikes are specially designed to be all-terrain bikes and as such are very versatile. They feature suspension variations and higher volume tyres enabling enhanced traction and comfort even on the worst trails.


What to Consider When Choosing a Mountain Bike

The most important feature to consider is the bike’s frame. For the best mountain bike under 500, look for an aluminium frame rather than one made of heavy or less costly steel. The next thing to look at is the kit responsible for its operation. The number of gears is important and at $500 or under, nine gears at the rear are ideal but cheaper bikes may have only eight. Two of the best choices are the Calibre Two, and the Canyon Grand Canyon AL 3.9.

In addition, you can get some of the best mountain bikes under 1000 like the Calibre Bossnut, Boardman Team FS, and the Pinnacle Ramin 3 Plus. Bikes in this price range offer better features like a slightly more heavy duty suspension and more suitable equipment for handling riding on rough trails.

What ‘a best bike’ is will depend on a variety of factors including budget priority, your riding style, terrain choice, and personal preference. Here are six awesome bikes for you to consider adding onto your list.


1. Felt Decree

This is an all-carbon trail bike created by the crew at Felt. In order to produce this awesome bike, Felt joined ranks with Spank Industries and DVO Suspension. Prominent features of the Felt Decree include Felt’s FAST suspension platform and 140mm of travel. You can have 150mm of travel with a DVO Diamond fork. The Decree comes with an eye-catching distinctive color-tinted carbon frame.


2. Evil Wreckoning

Evil sought to extend the limits of the 29er platform, previously made with the Following, in the production of the Wreckoning. The Evil Wreckoning is a big-wheeled, great fun, downhill mountain bike. Its main features include a suspension platform created by Dave Weagle and 161 mm of rear travel. Other features are a slack head tube, long top tube, and low bottom bracket for speed stability. A 74.8-degree seat tube angle enables the Wreckoning to offer a better pedaling position than comparative mountain bikes.


3. Yeti SB5.5

Manufactured by one of the best bike brands, Yeti, the Yeti SB5.5 comes with a remarkable Switch Infinity suspension system promoting consistent performance and has 140mm of rear travel paired with a 160mm fork up front. The 66.5-degree head angle allows efficient speed handling.


4. Transition Patrol

This superb mountain bike offers 160mm up front and 155mm rear travel. The Patrol Carbon is long, low, and slack featuring a 65-degree head angle. Other prominent features include the GiddyUp Link suspension system and 27.5-inch wheels.


5. Trek Fuel Ex

The Trek Fuel Ex is an ideal trail bike featuring the latest frameset offering 130mm of rear travel. The Fuel comes with both trail and cross-country bike characteristics. It has excellent suspension performance and a stable pedaling platform.


6. Diamondback Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is manufactured by another of the best bike brands, Diamondback, and comes in various sub-classes, namely:

  • Trail bikes which include hardtail, fat, and full suspension mountain bikes
  • Women bikes offering hardtail, full-suspension and dual sport
  • Kids bikes
  • All Mountain – Gravity (including downhill)
  • All Mountain (hardtail and full suspension).

Another top bike manufacturer is Giant and Giant mountain bikes, well-known worldwide for their bold innovation and mass production of carbon frame bikes.

The above-mentioned mountain bikes are the go-anywhere type of bikes to be enjoyed on a variety of terrains.


Choosing the Bike of Your Dreams

When all is said and done, just remember that the bike you settle on is likely to be the bike you’re going to have for a few years to come. It must therefore be a bike that you are completely in love with, and a bike that you are going to enjoy riding.

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